Customization and Modifications


Genel Vana, regardless of its brand and pressure type (ball, globe, parallel slide, gate, rotary valve, butterfly valve, etc.), you can ensure automatic operation of the valve by installing an electric or pneumatic actuator on all your manually operated valves. Additionally, by adding a positioner, the valve can be converted into an automatic control valve. For these connections, we produce mounting connection brackets, connection flanges and shafts for all valve types in-house.

The middle body of this defective valve, which has a high working pressure of ANSI Class 2500 (PN 420 bar), was cut off, the defective part was removed, and the valve was repaired by producing a completely new one.

In cases where the valve must operate continuously in water, the valve length has been lengthened by changing it as follows.

In the application below, any standard ball valve has been converted into a rotary control valve by modifying the ball. A face shaft supporting the ball has been added to the lower part of the valve's exterior.