Safety Valve Repair

Professional Solutions for Safety Valves


Safety valves are of vital importance in industrial facilities. If they don't work properly, they can have fatal consequences. Therefore, their repairs carry great risks. As Valgen, choose the right address without jeopardizing your security and the health of your business.

These valves open automatically when they reach a certain pressure level and prevent danger. However, rust and leakage residues may accumulate in valves that are not used for a long time, causing malfunctions. Over-active valves wear out over time. All of these situations can prevent valves from working properly and pose a risk of explosion.

Genel Vana offers experience and expertise in repairing your valves. We carry out all kinds of repairs with the right test units, measuring equipment and CNC machines. With our experienced technicians, we ensure that your safety valves operate safely as on the first day.

Before repair
Before repair
After repair

Repair of safety relief valves is a very delicate process. The defective seat ring of the valve is ground with 110 micron precision on our special CNC machine, while the plug is repaired with 70 micron precision on our cylinder grinding machine and the problems are resolved. If the seat/plug is corroded and steam tears have occurred, the valve body is dismantled, a new part is produced, hardened and assembled to its final dimensions. Performing these delicate repairs is only possible in an area that requires expertise like ours. Seat-plug operations are carried out with micron precision with a shaft rotating at 18000 rpm, ensuring correct operation of the valve. For leakproofness and safety, the valve opens when the desired pressure is reached and closes when the pressure is low. As Genel Vana, we are proud of being a prominent company in safety valve repair. Our expertise and specific capabilities in this field clearly differentiate us from our competitors.

Field tested applications for safety valves require safety, experience and accredited approved equipment. As Genel Vana, we have deep knowledge and experience in field testing and repairs, with years of experience. In this process that requires versatile security, we overcome every difficulty with our expert team.

The perfect operation of safety valves is ensured by regular control of set pressures in the field. As Genel Valve, we can test the valve in the field with water, nitrogen and air, without dismantling it, with our mobile testing unit and certified experts. With our ability to on-site test safety valves from 1 to 12 inches in diameter and up to 2 to 350 bar pressure, we ensure accuracy and reliability in a short time. Our field testing ensures the uninterrupted performance of the safety valves.

General Valve uses American Petroleum Institute (API) valve inspection test methods and repair standards for safety valves and all other valves.

Our hydrostatic testing machine producing 550 bar, entirely manufactured by our company.
Our mobile test unit for safety valve tests in the field